Two of my closest friends and I packed our many, heavy bags and set off for the train station, ready for a weekend of serving ales and enjoying some fine music. The sun was shining deceivingly brightly and hotly on this particular day and I looked forward to watching Jules Holland – an artist whom I admire very much! - later that day.

Not long after arrival we met the rest of the team for our introduction course – learning where everything was, how it was all organised and what to do in certain situations before the festival officially opened. It was really useful and thoroughly informative – the measure of success being the lack of questions asked at the end!

Later that day our first shift. The sense of anticipation in beginning something I’d never experienced before had me buzzing! I was certainly not disappointed – the use of mental arithmetic took a bit of getting used to after leaving that machine to rust for a while after having left college the previous year, but thankfully, I didn’t mess up too much and even if I did, everyone was very calm and patient and more than willing to be very helpful and supportive!

The weekend continued with this theme – very easy to get a hold of and get used to, with incredibly supportive colleagues. Another highlight for me came with only working a total of 16 hours over the 4 days, which meant I had many opportunities to enjoy lots of amazing music.

I’ve only been to a couple of festivals in my (some would say thus far, fairly short) life, but this was by far the most friendly, welcoming, sanitary and enjoyable I’ve ever been to and I cannot wait for next year’s festival to begin!