Last year was our first experience of a folk festival. We anticipated techni-coloured dream coats, lots of beer and great music – we were not disappointed. The atmosphere in Southwell was incredible; the locals were welcoming and the festival goers were respectful. After a shift on the bar one night, we found ourselves in an unbelievably friendly local pub, having been invited by a resident. They treated us well, plying us with drinks and sharing stories – Thank you Southwell hospitality!

Working on the Light & Hoppy Bar gave us the opportunity to meet a lot of people attending the festival, including bands that had played on the stages and stall holders. The environment was fast paced and exciting. As first timers to working on the bar it was a bit nerve wracking, but the team heartily welcomed us into the beer serving family.

We gained new friends, an insatiable taste for good cider and more camping sense. Yes, it rained, loads, to the point where cars got stuck in the mud, and yes, the queues for toilets at times were long (but at least they were clean!), BUT it was definitely one of the best festivals we have been to, and certainly the most pleasantly fragrant.

We will be back on the bar this year, if allowed, armed with pocket calculators (just in case the sums are too big to count on our fingers), baby wipes and the ever essential wellies.


“Chin Chin”